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A proactive solution for your healthcare challenges

Solving healthcare challenges

Self-insured employers have an estimated $75B in avoidable medical costs resulting from non-optimal medication use including non-adherence, dangerous medication interactions, and over-prescription.*

Our mission is to help you improve employee health and save on your healthcare spend by providing members with:

Personalized care from clinical pharmacists

Improved medication plans

Coordinated care with the prescriber

*(Source: Healthcare Cost Institute (2013-17), Cost of Prescription Drug–Related Morbidity and Mortality (Watanabe, McInnis, Hirsch)

A better way to care for your employees:

A better way to care for your business:

A winning combination of lowering costs, elevating care, and realizing better health outcomes

The Blue Robin difference

Proactively providing clinical services, tailored to each member, and delivered in real-time.

We provide support and care based on an individual’s unique needs and challenges with their medication plan and condition management.

Elevating the pharmacist-patient relationship.

Pharmacists are trusted healthcare professionals who can coordinate care across a patient’s various providers, leading to improved patient outcomes.

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