Frequently asked questions

Offered through your employer’s benefit plan, Blue Robin is a digital pharmacy that does more for you and your family.

Blue Robin can deliver your prescriptions to your home, offers 24/7 support and proactive, personalized pharmacist consults. Through the Blue Robin mobile app, you can also set up customized medication reminders on a schedule that works for you, so you never miss a dose.

Call (844) 447-1783 to access our 24/7 support.

  1. How do I sign up for Blue Robin?
    Blue Robin is a digital pharmacy solution that may be available to you and your family through your workplace, as part of an employer-provided benefits plan. Download the app to create your account and get started. Or, talk to your HR or benefits department about Blue Robin.
  2. How do I transfer my prescriptions to Blue Robin?
    Our app makes it quick and easy to transfer your prescriptions. In the app, go to “Transfer Rx” then snap a photo of your prescription bottle or manually enter your prescription information. Our team will take care of the rest.
  3. How do I access the Blue Robin 24/7 support if I have a question for a pharmacist or question about my account?
    You can access our support at any time by calling (844) 447-1783 or emailing
  4. I downloaded the app, why do I see an error message at registration?
    If you are seeing an error message when registering via the app, Blue Robin may be having trouble verifying your eligibility. Please contact the support team by calling (844) 447-1783 and a team member will help determine the cause and provide a solution.
  5. Can I get the same medications I take at my current pharmacy through Blue Robin?
    Yes. This includes temperature-controlled prescriptions which will be shipped overnight in temperature-controlled packaging. There are just a couple of exceptions as follows:

    If your doctor prescribed a medication that you usually get from a specialty pharmacy, instead of your typical preferred pharmacy, that may remain the same.

    At this time, prescriptions that are classified as controlled substances can only be filled through Blue Robin if you are able to pick them up at the Blue Robin pharmacy address:

    7200 Cardinal Place W, Dublin, OH 43017

  6. What do I say when my I am at the doctor’s office, and they ask me to select my preferred pharmacy?

    For recurring or chronic medications, tell your provider that Blue Robin Pharmacy is your preferred pharmacy. If your provider requests an address and phone number for Blue Robin, it can be found in your app under “My pharmacy”, or see below:
    Blue Robin Pharmacy
    7200 Cardinal Place W
    Dublin, OH 43017
    (844) 447-1783
  7. What if my prescription is for an acute situation or something that needs immediate treatment (like a cold or an injury)?
    The fastest way to get a new prescription you need immediately is to have your provider send it to a nearby retail pharmacy. You may also send this prescription to Blue Robin. Just give us a call to let us know, and we’ll help you get your prescription the same day.
  8. How is Blue Robin different than my current prescription benefit/coverage?

    Blue Robin offers the same services as other in-network pharmacies under your prescription benefit and does not eliminate your prescription benefit coverage through other in-network pharmacies. Blue Robin acts as an additional in-network pharmacy that makes it easier to manage and access your prescriptions.
  9. Does my employer know what medicines I am on?

    No, just like any other pharmacy, your personal health information is private and confidential.
  10. Will the cost of my medicines still count towards my deductible?
    Yes, they will. Medications ordered through Blue Robin are processed in the same way they are at any other pharmacy.
  11. Can I pay cash or use funds from my HSA/FSA to pay for my medications?
    Yes, you can pay with HSA/FSA.
  12. Will the price of my medications change?
    The price of your medications will not increase by switching your preferred pharmacy to Blue Robin. However, it is possible that the price of your medications can change based on fluctuations with your pharmacy benefits plan or if there is a market price change for a particular medication.
  13. How do I stop using this app if I want to go to a different pharmacy in the future?
    If you no longer want to fill your prescriptions through Blue Robin, work with your new pharmacy or your doctor’s office to have your prescription transferred. If you would like to deactivate your account, contact the support team at (844) 447-1783. Opting out of Blue Robin will not change any of your prescription drug benefits.
  14. Where can I have my prescriptions delivered?
    Your prescriptions can be delivered right to your home, eliminating the wait time at a pharmacy. You can keep your address on file within the Blue Robin app, and you’ll always have the option to edit the address. Prescriptions cannot
    be delivered to P.O. boxes.
  15. Can I get a delivery update/status?

    You can see fill status on your prescription list (for example, “Refilled” or “In-process”). Precise delivery tracking information is not currently available, but you may reach out to Blue Robin support for delivery status.
  1. How can I learn more about the medication my doctor prescribed for me?
    You can speak to one of our clinical pharmacists available to you through Blue Robin. You can contact the pharmacy by calling (844) 447-1783.
  2. What should I do if I have a bad reaction to my medication?
    Call 911 or your doctor for emergency medical help.
  3. What should I do if my medication looks different from last time?
    If your medication looks different than usual and you have questions, please call Blue Robin and speak to one of our clinical pharmacists. You can contact the pharmacy by calling (844) 447-1783.
  1. Is my family eligible?

    Yes, your family members who are covered under your workplace’s health benefits plan are eligible for Blue Robin. Dependents age 18–26 are not eligible to use the app at this time.
  2. How do I add my spouse to my account?
    Once you have logged in, click on Family Care option in the mobile app.Click the icon with a person and a plus sign. This will take you to the “Add your spouse” screen. Send them a text message or an email invitation. To accept the invitation, your spouse must click on the link in the invitation and accept the request. Your spouse must download the Blue Robin app and create an account. They should not use a shared email address to create an account.They will now have access to Blue Robin.
  3. How do I add my child to my account?

    All your children under 18 will automatically be added to your account.
  4. Can I get access to my family’s prescriptions?

    Yes, you can access your family’s prescriptions using the Family Care option in our mobile app.
  5. Can I manage my children’s prescriptions without having filled a prescription myself?

  6. Do I need to create a new account to manage my prescriptions along with my family?

    You can use your existing account.
  7. Why does it still say the invitation is pending?

    To link your spouse to your account, your spouse must accept the invitation you sent to them via email or text. Please have your spouse respond to the text or emailed invitation.
  1. When I try to create an account, the system says my information is invalid even though I know it’s correct.

    If you are eligible for Blue Robin through your employer, please contact the support team by calling (844) 447-1783 and a team member will help determine the cause and provide a solution.
  2. Can I call Blue Robin if I have a question, even if I don’t have an account?
    Yes, if you are eligible to use Blue Robin through your benefits plan. Even if you do not have an account or do not use Blue Robin prescription services, you can contact us 24/7 with any question.
  1. How do I update my email address?
    Sign in to the mobile app and go to “Account”. Once on the Account page, you will see the email address that’s in our system today and an option to update it.
    Please remember to verify your new email address if you want to receive reminders over email.
  2. How do I update my mobile number?
    Sign in to the mobile app and go to “Account”. Once on the Account page, you will see the mobile number that’s in our system today. To update it, click on the mobile number and you’ll be walked through the process to change it. Please note that you will need to verify your new mobile number before you can get any texts from us.
  3. I forgot my password. What should I do?

    On the app login screen you can select “Forgot password” to reset your password, or you can contact our technical support at (844) 447-1783.
  4. How do I provide feedback on my experience or report an issue?

    For general feedback on the Blue Robin experience, or to report technical issues, please call us at (844) 447-1783
  5. Some things you should know

    To cancel SMS/text service, you can text STOP to 62867 from your mobile phone at any time.
    Message and data rates may apply. You can receive a maximum of 50 text messages per month.
    The Blue Robin Pharmacy Terms of Service is available at:
    The Blue Robin Pharmacy privacy policy is available at:
  1. Is the mobile app free?
    Yes, the mobile app is free to download and use.
  2. What kind of phone do I need to have to use the Blue Robin pharmacy mobile application?
    Our mobile app works with iOS and Android compatible devices, including phones and tablets.
  1. What prescriptions can I refill?
    Once you place a refill order, the mobile app will let you know if there are any prescriptions that you cannot refill. This may happen if you are out of refills or need to schedule another appointment with your doctor. You will be notified if you order contains prescriptions that are expired or do not have any refills remaining.
  2. One or more of my prescriptions cannot be refilled. What should I do?
    Certain drugs like schedule 2 drugs cannot be refilled using mobile app. Please contact the pharmacy by calling (844) 447-1783.
  3. Why does Blue Robin have to contact my doctor for refilling my prescriptions?
    This usually happens when you try to fill a prescription that’s expired or has no refills remaining. Your pharmacy needs an approval from you doctor before any such prescription can be refilled.

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