We’re a digital pharmacy that offers more.

We’re not a retail pharmacy or a mail-order pharmacy, we’re Blue Robin.

How it all started

Blue Robin began with an idea to improve gaps in care.

Navigating healthcare, including managing prescriptions and chronic health conditions, is complex. Blue Robin started from an idea to help solve for this, by empowering individuals with better care coordination and access – through clinically trained pharmacists.  

Pharmacists are healthcare experts that have a comprehensive view of patient health. We found that by making the pharmacist proactive and accessible, we could help close gaps in care and improve health outcomes.

We leveraged proven technologies and solutions.

We created Blue Robin by combining an array of solutions already offered to pharmacies, hospitals, and patients.

Outpatient pharmacy services

Central fill pharmacy services

World-class supply chain and delivery capabilities

Texting & digital engagement

Pharmacy counseling, clinical services & outreach

Compliance packaging

Telepharmacy counseling & customer engagement

By prioritizing consumer health, we found ways to help employers too.

Self-insured employers know that the costs of medical services are often driven by the impact of chronic conditions and non-optimal medication use – like non-adherence or not taking as prescribed. Plus, we know that employers share the mission to deliver the best to their employees.

Health outcomes are always the priority, but cost matters too. So, we built Blue Robin to do both – improve the health of individuals and families while helping control and reduce healthcare spend for employers and their employees.

Let’s talk

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